Software Output Tests

These are Earl’s first demos of what VDMX could do at our specified dimensions, presented for the rest of the crew after taking notes at Fourth of Juplaya. Based on the dimensions of the mesh on each side of the vehicle (roughly 84x24), and after a lot of math, it was determined that the actual dimensions of the signal should be 512x150 for each half. Thankfully, VDMX has highly customizable output settings, so we mirrored its output and rendered a 1024x150 image onto a 1024x768 frame. The Mirage simply acts as a really big external monitor on the MacBook.

So, imagine the video below is wrapped around the vehicle, with the nose in the center.

This second demo is tighter.

The third test shows some of the “flight simulator” capabilities that Earl built out to take advantage of body tracking with the Kinect used to be awesome, but YouTube removed it because of some naughty footage I used to emphasize the theme, “Fertility 2.0.”  I’d appeal it, but it’s hard to explain artistic merit to a faceless machine. Anyway, it also showed our ability to play PONG with the iPad2 as a remote, two-person controller.